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This company has come about directly from people who demand good and reliable business that can be recommended and do a good job, etc.

 From years of experience in the business world we have found that good, honest, and reliable businesses survive and last longer, even when the economy isn’t so great.  Why is that?  The answer is that when a good business man/ woman practices and conducts themselves in a business-like manner, the good name remains with them over the years.  They are always in high demand as they receive recommendations from others.

 Many personal experiences have occurred when people came to us to do business.  The first question we ask is, “How did you find out about us?  Who told you about us?”  The people usually tell us and say that the company was recommended to us by people who have done business with us in the past.  Let me tell you, it is the best feeling ever to hear this comment from a customer. 

 But it didn’t stop there… after negotiations with the customer, they ask the famous question……….”Who do you recommend for……?”  So, in time we saw the importance of the demand for recommendations for good and reliable businesses.  We then took the opportunity to do something helpful for those people in need.  ( I couldn’t begin to tell you the many sucess stories from people who had excellent experiences and now have a restored trust to do business with people whom they don’t know.)

 So we came up with a strong idea to choose approximately ten companies from each type of trade.  From retail to wholesale, distributors and manufacturers- we’ve got it all.  The main thing is to do the research about the company:  it’s past, present, and future, what they do, how long they’ve been in business, how many employees, who they do business with, the name of companies that know them well, and other sources that know them such as banks, suppliers, etc.

 After heavy research, we put them on our website to be presented to the public eye.  Our aim is to promote the companies that advertise with us.  We will be at homes shows, billboards, magazines, commercials, radio, mail advertising, and so forth.  Eventually we will engage with all the companies to make an auction for the public.  Most importantly, we will do a newsletter highlighting each company and more.

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Address: 1177 NW 81 Str., Miami, FL, 33150
Tel: 1-800-407-3990   Cell: 786-253-6591   Fax: 305-696-3080   E-Mail:

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In Home Computer Repair

In Home Computer Repair

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Pilates - Health and Fitness

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Luxury Condominium Residences

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