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Affiliate Program

Joining is Profitable
Join the BusinessRec Affiliate Program and maximize your income potential! Our program features generous commissions and multiple revenue opportunities -- plus it's easy to use. We make it simple to make great money, so get started today!

Making Money is Easy

  1. Place BusinessRec Banners on your site
  2. Visitors click on our Banners and apply for our services.
  3. You'll make money!

How Do I Join?
Email us at with the subject heading "Interested in your businessrec Affiliate Program"

OWN a piece of our BUSINESS in Businessrec INDUSTRY!!!

You can earn a lot per month advertising businessrec. Automatically from your web site. Just with one click of the users. Start earning BIG Money!

Businessrec, a ValueClick company, provides advanced performance-based marketing solutions that help marketers increase online leads and sales.

By facilitating strategic relationships between advertisers and publishers, Businessrec leverages its proven expertise in affiliate marketing, partner marketing and search marketing to drive measurable results for its clients.

Sign up to be a publisher for one of Businessrec leading advertisers! A publisher promotes the products and services of online advertisers on its website for a commission. Publishers choose advertiser programs that will provide value to visitors given the context of their sites' offerings. If you have a website and want to earn commissions for promoting products and services on your site, join advertiser programs powered by Businessrec. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Associate your site with some of the Internet's leading businesses
  • Earn commissions
  • Gain easy access to reports, links, online help, and more!

If you aren't already partnered with one of Businessrec's many advertisers, join now to take advantage of our great advertiser programs.

Already a member of the Businessrec publisher community? Here are some ideas to help you continue to grow:

  1. Routinely search for new offers to place on your site. Fresh offers will prompt frequent traffic from your site visitors.
  2. Check out the Daily Performance reports to see how well your site is doing each day.
Take time to read the Affiliate Tips in the Resources section. Businessrec has compiled a variety of articles designed to help you make the most of your program.

Here's what the package includes:

Your own sub-domain name where you can consult your rates and incomes.

An email address ( that automatically forwards to your regular email address.

Discounts to leading online advertising sites. Drive targeted, high-quality traffic to your website with the #1 method for customer acquisition, Pay-Per-Click search marketing.

Exclusive step-by-step Advertising and Marketing guide from Internet marketing pioneer and former Burec executive.

What are you waitting for?

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In Home Computer Repair

In Home Computer Repair

Job Seeeker


Homeowners Insurance Adjuster, Inc

Or Light Center

Pilates - Health and Fitness

Southline Wireless

Printing Services:
Postcards, Business Cards & etc.

Print Services

Potamkin Honda / Randall W. Geren

Sadigo Court

Potamkin Honda / Yitzhak Moshe

Citadel Realty

Azari Credit Cards

Zitos Salon

Aim Shutters

Auto Max Of Miami

Two Brother Corp.

Best Buy

Dish Network

Web Hosting

Jewish Direction

Stone Group Int.

Attorneys at Law

lasertouch mesotherapy

Kedem Food Products

Luxury Condominium Residences

Our online advertising company is ready to serve your, local, national and international needs. Our extensive "Yellow Page" section offers both, categorized/subcategorized and company name searches. One to three steps, depending on your search criteria, you will be listed with many others who have already joined.
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