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Invester needed to complete the site
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The Hidden Treasure In Cuba
(based on a true story)

We were one of the fortunate families able to escape the Nazis in 1942, finally landing in Cuba. In the beginning of our stay in this new land, life was more difficult than you can imagine - language problems, poverty, struggling to live, and many other hardships. What sustained us were the gold and diamonds that we were able to smuggle out of Poland and bring to Cuba. After many years of hard work and determination, we became very successful in business. With the start of the Cuban Revolution, however, we had no choice but to seek shelter in the United States, but with the condition that we left everything behind. We were only able to take our shirts, pants, shoes, and underwear. So the major challenge for us was: How do we preserve our fortune in gold and diamonds, worth millions of dollars?

To learn more about this true great story
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Kitchen Show Room

Investor needed to open a new show room for complete kitchen cabinets, counter tops and appliances. For more information call (800) 407-3990.

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In Home Computer Repair

In Home Computer Repair

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Potamkin Honda / Yitzhak Moshe

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Kedem Food Products

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