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Attention the pilots and the passengers.


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Fatigue and disorientation
Being tired and slightly disoriented for days after arriving, accompanied by a lack of concentration and motivation, especially for any activity that requires effort or skill, such as driving, reading or discussing a business deal. But even simple daily activities can become harder, and one's capacity to truly enjoy a tourist holiday is significantly reduced.

Broken sleep
Crossing time zones can cause you to wake during the night or have difficulty getting to sleep and then want to fall asleep during the day. Your inbuilt circadian rhythms have been disturbed, and it can take many days for the body to readjust to the new time zone. (NASA estimates you need one day for every one-hour time zone crossed to regain normal rhythm and energy levels. So a 5-hour time difference means you will require five days to get back to normal! Can you afford that?)

Confusion, fuzziness
Having to return to check two or three times to see if a hotel room was left locked or unlocked is typical of the effects reported by flight crews experiencing jet lag. Again, not good if you're on a business trip.

Becoming uptight
"Losing it" is another symptom reported by aircrew, which helps explain why longhaul flights get very tedious near the end, and why going through customs and immigration and getting to the hotel often seems like a real drama.
In addition to the above symptoms of jet lag, the syndrome is made worse by some common physical problems caused by being confined in an airliner for hours:

The dry atmosphere aboard aircraft can cause headaches, dry skin and nasal irritation, and make you more susceptible to any colds, coughs, sore throats and flu that are floating round in the aircraft.

Discomfort of legs and feet
Limbs swelling while flying can be extremely uncomfortable, and in some cases may prevent travellers wearing their normal shoes for up to 24 hours after arrival.


CHI-Machine is the solution for you!

The Chi Machine aids in the healing and prevention of illness and physical disorders by maximizing supplemental oxygenation of the entire body at cellular level via physical stimulation i.e. "Passive Aerobic Exercise". No matter what a person is challenged with health wise, the oxygenating Chi Machine makes a difference. Multiple benefits for diabetes, cancer, asthma, back pain, circulation problems, fibromyalgia insomnia, arthritis. Many customers report the Chi Machine has changed or given them their life back, including relief from costly medication and doctors bills.

No stress. No pain. No drugs. No more excuses.
The equivalent oxygen benefit of 1.5 hours of walking in one 15 minute session.

  • Temporarily relieves minor muscle aches, pains and tension caused by fatigue or overexertion.
  • Oxygenate your entire body at cellular level.
  • Temporarily increases local blood circulation.
  • Increase blood production - Lower blood pressure.
  • Regain energy and stamina.
  • Relaxes muscles locally.
  • Induces the Alpha wave of relaxation in our brain.
  • Strengthen your immune system.
  • Provides a unique feeling, The Chi Rush.
  • Steady weight loss correction if under or over weight - firms and tones body.
  • Stronger and more limber spine, muscles and joints.
  • HUGE reduction in muscle soreness, tension, stiffness, body aches and pains.
  • Alleviation of many stress related conditions - headaches, migraines, anxiety, depression.
  • Improved function of all internal organs and body systems.
  • Stronger immune system due to stimulation of globulin production.
  • More energy - a wonderful sense of well-being.

Go to our Chi-Machine web site for more information.

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